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Unlocking Webex: Phonism Empowers Users with 3rd Party SIP Device Support

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Phonism + Webex = Happier Devices

Phonism, the inaugural Partner Managed Device solution in Webex Cloud calling offerings (including Webex Calling and Webex Wholesale RTM), empowers Partners and Customers to seamlessly integrate security-compliant 3rd Party SIP Devices onto the Webex platform at scale. This integration revolutionizes device management strategies, offering unparalleled flexibility to Webex customers and partners, all powered by Phonism. This blog post is tailored specifically to Webex by Cisco partners and customers, providing insights into this transformative integration.

Expanded Device Support for Enhanced Collaboration

Integrating Phonism with Webex Calling grants users access to a wider range of supported 3rd Party SIP Devices, including desktop phones, conference phones, ATAs, gateways, and more. Now live in the Webex App Hub, the Phonism integration allows for the management and attachment of supported 3rd Party SIP Devices to the Webex Calling cloud, enabling users to manage all device settings and features directly from the Phonism interface.

This integration not only improves efficiency but also reduces errors impacting customer satisfaction. With synchronization between Phonism and the Webex Calling cloud, specific device information remains consistent, ensuring accurate device configuration.

In short, for Webex by Cisco partners and customers, the Phonism integration offers new and improved efficiency with 3rd Party SIP Devices on Webex like never before. Webex partners participating in the Beta program may also test the Phonism integration in their lab environments. Phonism takes pride in being the first non-Cisco product invited to participate in the Webex Beta program, showcasing the combined solutions’ power.

Enhancing Communication Efficiency

Phonism's advanced features, like remote management and bulk changes, ensure swift device deployment and management, enhancing operational efficiency. Integrating Phonism with Webex Calling enables the effortless incorporation of 3rd Party SIP Devices onto the Webex platform. Users can manage all device settings directly through the Phonism interface, ensuring synchronization between both platforms and reducing the risk of errors.

Streamlined Provisioning and Management

Phonism simplifies the provisioning and management of communication devices, saving time and resources forWebex by Cisco partners and customers. The user-friendly interface and advanced management capabilities enable businesses to efficiently monitor, troubleshoot, and maintain their devices.

Phonism offers a user-friendly provisioning interface that simplifies the process of setting up and managing communication devices. With just a few clicks, users can easily provision new devices, configure settings, and manage devices at scale, reducing errors and ensuring devices are properly set up and ready for use.

Unlocking the Full Potential of Webex by Cisco with Phonism

Phonism's integration with Webex Calling empowers users and partners to expand their Total Addressable Market (TAM) and onboard customers with a wide array of non-Cisco device options when needed. This not only expedites onboarding but also bridges the 3rd Party SIP Device gap in the market that has been challenging for Webex partners and customers to date.

In conclusion, Phonism and Webex Calling together unlock the full potential of Webex by Cisco for partners and customers. By enhancing communication capabilities, enabling seamless device integration, and streamlining provisioning and management workflows, Phonism empowers Cisco partners to thrive in today's competitive UCaaS market.

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Explore the Phonism integration on the Webex App Hub today and discover how easy it is to expand your device support and streamline your operations.

Contact us now to schedule a demo or learn more about how Phonism can transform your communication strategy.

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