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Maximize Potential: Strategies to Unlock Human Capital

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Team Phonism
Unlocking Human Capital

How do you determine the value of an employee? A simple response might be, “Do they make the business money?” If the answer is yes, the employee is considered valuable. 

This attitude alone is short-sighted, and just scratching the surface of real value. While the bottom line will always be a top priority, progressive companies are investing in the potential of their people more than ever, and judging value very differently. 

Not all assets show up on a spreadsheet. Human capital is one of those intangible resources that can’t be quantified, but adds immense value. We're talking about experience, knowledge, personality, talents, skills, abilities, intelligence, and acumen possessed individually and collectively guessed it...humans.

Let's face it, our employees are the heart and soul of our organization. It's not the fancy building, the catchy logo, or even the top-of-the-line product. Even ChatGPT (who definitely did not write this) wasn’t possible without millions of humans feeding it all the information we own. 

One of the reasons the Phonism platform was created was to end the frustrating and unnecessary tasks that waste valuable time and bloat support expenses throughout the device lifecycle. 

How many hours have been wasted on staging, provisioning and installing voice services? How much longer was spent on migration projects? All of that time could have been used on projects that innovate and create more revenue for your business.

Here are a few ways organizations are using Phonism to reduce operating expenses and free human capital:

  • Using stackable templates to enforce compliance policies 
  • Eliminating xml coding and manual data entry
  • Avoiding risk of processing errors and customer satisfaction issues 
  • Reducing carbon emissions with zero-touch provisioning
  • Automating and accelerating invoicing and revenue recognition

In a monotonous and restrictive work environment, people tend to be less innovative, less engaged, and lack dedication. Similarly, if you are occupied with mundane manual tasks, your ability to engage in critical thinking is likely to be limited.

The potential for innovation and growth is already in your organization, it’s time to uncover your team’s creativity. Discover their abilities, knowledge and education. Unlock the true power of human capital to do what it does best - create. 

If you are interested in a risk-free demo of Phonism in action, please contact us today!

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