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The Great Phonism Template

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Team Phonism

In VoIP phone provisioning, templates are a must to save time, money and most importantly - your sanity. The need to build XML files and learn model-specific configurations can drive you and your staff crazy! Within the telecom industry, copious amounts of file types are used including: JSON, INI, XML and many other fragile homegrown codes. You need highly skilled, expensive (and sometimes elusive) technicians. The problem is amplified when managing devices across different brands, manufacturers, firmware versions and locations. Even when you have a skilled tech available, they are usually only experts in one brand or language.

The Phonism Template was created to eliminate provisioning headaches by deploying bulk changes across multiple devices and locations. A single template provides an intuitive UI where you can set all configuration parameters and apply to devices worldwide. Just applying one template to your provisioning process can save days (even weeks or months) compared to traditional manual efforts.

Even more notably, Phonism allows you to configure any supported brand device make, model or firmware with one Template!

How Templates Simplify 

Templates allow you to configure anything that can be applied to VoIP devices. This includes line settings, SIP servers, time server settings, dial plans, contacts, etc. You can also use templates to configure line keys, BLFs, speed dials and much more.

The list of superpowers is almost endless, but here are some of the most popular features of Phonism Templates :

  • Create settings that auto-apply to new devices upon boot up (Zero-Touch Provisioning)
  • Perform bulk changes across a customer, department, office location, or even entire network
  • Create test settings for troubleshooting one-way audio or other device issues
  • Customize settings built for each customer or use case
  • Compile or stack multiple templates in real-time for easier management
  • Change voice services simply by changing the voice server address in your template. All of your device configuration will be updated automatically
  • Create multiple templates for dedicated purposes (ex. 1 Poly auto-apply template for SIP settings, 1 template for keys, 1 template for custom images, etc.)
  • Design as many templates as you'd like, for as many reasons as you need!

Similar to the templating engine, Phonism Tags are a customer definable system of key value pairs. These can be used as variables within single devices as well as templates. Tags follow a top-down inheritance through the account hierarchy and are not over-writable at lower levels unless the tag is specifically set otherwise.

Desk phones are a tried-and-true essential, even in today’s mobile world. For the foreseeable future, VoIP phones are here to stay. Phonism is committed to helping you protect device investments while modernizing your processes. Templates are just one way to achieve this. 

Phonism is brand-agnostic and supports the configuration of any supported device through a simple, uniform interface between all brands and models. We speak phone, so you don’t have to.

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