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One Device at a Time?!

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Team Phonism

If you still haven’t explored the power and value of automated provisioning, you are trailing way behind your competition. The process of manual provisioning requires expensive and intensive staff resources. The probability of human error is sky high when dealing with multiple, complex steps and a humongous number of devices to touch. It’s an overwhelming task for most service providers and attempting it manually is unprofitable and archaic.

How will Automation Improve Provisioning?

Simply, automation minimizes implementation timeframe. This accelerates revenue, quality and enhances cost savings. Templates are one of the best tools used to accomplish this.

Using the right productivity software, you can profit from pre-designed templates that allow administrators to configure common settings. These templates can easily be applied to a single device, group devices or across an entire deployment.

Like most organizations today, you may be in possession of multiple models, firmware versions and brands to provision. A diverse collection of devices is the bane of any manual provisioning project. Detailed knowledge of multiple xml files, proprietary vendor tools and coding experience is required. Mistakes are common and time is diverted from more profitable tasks.

Phonism created Templates to solve your provisioning pains. One template provides a simple interface to set configuration parameters and apply bulk changes across many devices.

No need to build xml files or learn model-specific configurations! With a single UI, Phonism allows you to configure any combination of make, model and firmware. This will save immense time, resources and energy.

What Can be Configured?

Templates allow you to configure everything that would be applied to multiple or individual devices like:

Line Settings


SIP server

Line Keys

Time Server Settings

Busy Lamp Fields (BLFs)

Dial Plans

Speed Dials and Many More

Can Automation Really Improve my Bottom Line?

The short answer is “AbsoFreakinLutely!” Imagine the ability to create settings that auto-apply to new devices upon boot up. Or, plugging in an out-of-the-box factory phone and it’s wondrously already configured to your specifications. With Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP), the days of laborious, time-consuming and on site visits to configure devices are over.  

You can easily perform bulk changes across a department, an office location, or an entire network, each with custom settings. You have the power to create as many templates as necessary and multiple templates can be compiled for easier real-time management. 

Seamlessly change voice servers. Simply change the voice server address in your Template and all of your device configurations will be updated automatically.

Phonism is brand-agnostic and supports the configuration of any supported device through a simple, uniform interface between all brands and models. We speak phone, so you don’t have to. 


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