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6 Reasons I (Still) Love My Desk Phone

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According to the Journal of the Association for Consumer Research, even when we turn our smartphones off, their mere presence prevents us from thinking clearly. Smartphones encourage an unhealthy tether to information and entertainment. Results from two experiments found that even when people are successful at maintaining attention (avoiding the temptation to check their phones), just the presence of the phone reduces available cognitive capacity. No sane company wants a reduction in their employees’ cognitive ability.  

Desk phones help.  And, having desk phones in the office (or even remotely) can increase productivity! They also offer a range of features and benefits valued by users that smartphones can’t. 

Modern features

Phones now benefit from platforms offering updated features like call analytics, hierarchical management, call recording and monitoring. Desk phones are part of a global cloud solution that enables integration with other applications and devices. There's now access to more than just standard controls and commands. 

Excellent call quality

Voice interactions are what phones were built for! Want to clearly listen and talk? Desk phones are designed specifically for voice communication - they use specific voice microphones and speakers. Even in the optimal environment, smartphones can't match the high definition sound and video of a quality desk phone

Dedicated device

Desk phones are used exclusively for making and receiving calls. No beeps, wooshes, pings, whistles, or other endless distractions that can waste hours of the workday. It's too easy to go down a LinkedIn rabbit hole.

Professional image

In most professional business settings, we expect to see the office filled with phones. A smartphone just doesn’t have the same presence, functions or professional image as a desk phone.  


Desk phones are reliable. They aren’t dependent on batteries or get lost easily. They are less likely to experience dropped calls or interruptions due to poor signal strength or connectivity.


Desk phones are more secure because they are connected to a physical network. They are less vulnerable to hacking or other security breaches.

Desk phones are a necessary part of the modern workplace. No matter how technologically advanced an office becomes, there’s one unchanging factor - The need to have a direct line of communication. Desk phones will remain the major endpoint for unified communications for some time to come.

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