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Device Support Ticket Case Study

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Team Phonism

Phonism embarked on an in-depth analysis of device support tickets for a large Service Provider. Over a six-month period, we meticulously recorded and analyzed approximately 200k tickets, uncovering significant results.

Typically, resolving a support ticket can take anywhere from 24-72 hrs*. Agents managed 20-30* cases daily.

From a glance

Three main categories dominated these tickets:
60k* Call Forwarding and Advanced Call Handling
39k* Phone Registration Issues
14k* Move-Add-Change-Delete Requests

These categories represent the bulk of the tickets, indicating specific areas where self-service can have a transformative effect.

The Results

Through our analysis, we discovered that 95%* of these device tickets could be eliminated via self-service when utilizing Phonism's platform.

This revelation highlights the substantial impact of incorporating self-service options on reducing support tickets and improving operational efficiency.


This case study demonstrates the potential of Phonism's self-service capabilities to dramatically reduce support tickets, streamline operations, and enhance customer satisfaction. By empowering users with self-service options, service providers can significantly decrease resolution times and free up valuable resources.


For a detailed analysis and to explore how Phonism can transform your device support strategy, visit our website or contact our sales team.


About Phonism

Phonism is the world’s leading automation platform to deploy, manage, secure, and migrate devices at scale. With a focus on centralizing and simplifying, Phonism enables businesses to expand their device support while automating and securing devices at scale.



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