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Intelligent Device Lifecycle Management (iDLM) in Telecom

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Team Phonism

Did we really need another telecom acronym? Intelligent Device Lifecycle Management (iDLM) might be a mouth full, but the technology behind it does some amazing things.

What is iDLM and why is it ideal?

If you’ve worked in telecom for a few days, or a few decades, you know that device support is needed from cradle to grave. The process of just getting new devices into the hands of end users can be overwhelming, not to mention provisioning and configuring once they are placed. And what happens when changes are needed in the future? 

Manually provisioning and configuring devices requires immense time and resources. You are usually at the mercy of an onsite technician’s schedule. If you are lucky enough to have an available technician, they are (most likely) human and unable to guarantee mistake-free work. Thorough knowledge of multiple brands, models and coding xml of devices is also needed.

If you’re in charge of provisioning, deploying, migrating or managing an army of VoIP devices, you are all too familiar with the complexities and difficulties involved. Why not take some of the most irritating tasks off the table so you can concentrate on more profit-focused projects? So, if you are still individually configuring and managing devices, you know by now that it's a time drain, error-prone and absolutely unnecessary.

Phonism was created for Managed Service Providers, Hosted VoIP Providers, and everyone else that has experienced the complexities of provisioning VoIP devices. The cloud-based solution provides easy-to-use tools to manage VoIP phones before, during and after deployment. Here are some of the most-used and most-loved tools offered in the Phonism Productivity Platform:

Unified Device Management configures and provisions all of your VoIP devices using a single, unified interface. Stop editing files by hand or configuring devices via their Web UI. You can configure lines, busy lamp fields (BLF), soft keys, side carts, and much more without ever opening a text editor! If you need even more flexibility, raw configuration is also available through our Custom Configuration feature.

Visual Button Manager makes key customization incredibly easy. With the drag-n-drop tool, users have a simple way to customize their device without the need for a costly technician or onsite visit. A graphic representation of your specific device appears on the screen, making it a quick and easy task.

Templates allow administrators to configure common settings using a familiar interface. Templates can be applied to a single device or across an entire deployment with ease. If you need to change voice servers, just change the address in your Template and all configurations are automatically updated.

Firmware Management keeps devices secure and up-to-date. Upgrading software and firmware is simple, just select the devices and desired version. It’s really that easy!

Multi-Tenant Platform divides your deployment into different Tenants representing a building, a floor or even a specific customer. With Hierarchy you can go even further and create a multi-level organization. Templates and settings can be configured within a Hierarchy to override settings at lower levels, giving administrators the ability to force specific settings across many sites with ease.

VoIP Credentials manages user credentials and applies them to any device. Provision device lines by selecting the desired credentials and Phonism configures the line regardless of brand, model, or software version. Need to change a user’s password? Make the change and the device configuration will automatically be updated on the next provision. You can even import credentials from a CSV file to quickly migrate existing data.

User Management can help you manage your deployment by setting up additional Users to maintain a single phone, Tenant, or an entire Hierarchy. This feature also reduces support costs by giving your end-users the power to maintain their own devices.

Phonism is brand-agnostic and supports the configuration of any supported device through a simple, uniform interface between all brands and models. We speak phone, so you don’t have to.

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